Level II – Basic Hanna Kroger Concepts

For those who have completed Level 1 of Hanna Kroeger’s teachings of the 7 Physical and 7 Spiritual Causes of Illness and want to go deeper, this 4 day course is for you.

Hanna was not only an excellent teacher and world renowned author, she was a Master Herbalist and Homeopath. Dr. Ginger Bowler will delve deeply into teaching of Hanna’s beautifully crafted herbal combinations, Kroeger Herb Products, as well as her homeopathic products, Hanna’s Herb Shop Vibropathics, and the intended use of her energy tools.

Because the true essence of Hanna Kroeger’s work was her overwhelming understanding of the spiritual and energetic nature of all things, we will go gain an understanding of energy and the spiritual causes of illness. As always, there will be emphasis on Hanna’s body alignment work as this is such an important part of the work.


Ginger Bowler


August 2 – 5, 2018 – This life empowering course will begin at 5 PM on Thursday and we wrap up by 4 PM on Sunday.


Starting at $450 – price includes meals and lodging.


Peaceful Meadow Retreat
7075 Valmont Rd
Boulder, Colorado 80301


To register email info@peacefulmeadow.com or call 303-442-2490