Pre-Owned Devices

For years we have been contacted to help owners or potential owners buy or sell used Equipment.  Whenever possible, we have redirected the interested party if we were not able to help them ourselves.

FINALLY, we have decided that we can help in many cases

SCIO / INDIGO Biofeedback Equipment

We sell pre-owned SCIO’s for $6500-$8995 (depending on the package). Some packages come with the box, laptop, straps, re-registered and updated software. Ready to go!

Pre-owned INDIGO systems are in the $13,000 range.


We buy Avalon Light Therapy or In Light Wellness Systems

We will pay you 33% of the agreed upon price when we get your system, 33% when we get it back from being refurbished and checked out by ILWS, 34% when we sell it.

We sell new and pre-owned In Light Wellness Systems

We have financing available for new systems and can design any package. “Prepackaged” deals are the best price. The most popular In Light Wellness System that we sell is the 6 Port system (comes with 3 pads: large, medium and eye mask) and sells new for $2,995.00. There are other packages and prices available.

Check out InLight Wellness Systems

We have limited inventory on pre-owned Light Therapy equipment. Call or text us at 720-331-4385 for availability or email: